Classified Policies

#1 - The posting of ads in this forum is open to user group “New Member” and above. You will change user groups from Registered user to New Member once you post a new thread in the Introductions forum and introduce yourself.

#2 - Automotive parts only please........see our general FOR SALE forum for all other goods.

#3 - You must own what you are selling. Do not post ads for friends.

#4 - You must list a price. A price plus "OBO" is acceptable provided you sell the item to someone that offers the listed price, no bidding wars. Ads without a price will be deleted. We also ask that you include a reasonable description.

#5 - Correct selling etiquette would be reserving the product to the first person that posts in the thread and offers the minimum posted price.

#6 - No retail / home business sales (GTAMC staff's determination if you fit the description is final / not open for debate! Supporting Vendors pay to advertise here. If you fall into either of those categories and you are interested in selling parts / services here please contact us, options are available to you.

#7 - Links to eBay auctions, kijiji, etc. are not allowed.

#8 - No "Feeler" or “Gauging Interest” posts. Either you want to sell the item or you don’t. Items must be available now not coming off your car X number of days / months down the line.

#9 - replies are allowed but keep them on topic and please only post questions

#10 - Refrain from posting a TTT or bump more than once per 24 hour period.

#11 - Indicate when items are sold.

#13 - Personal profile must include your location, simply stating it in your ad is no longer acceptable.

#14- If you have a number of items for sale, group them into one or two larger ads. Multiple individual ads will be deleted

#15-Selling of event tickets, all ads must include a picture of the ticket (s) clearly showing their face value. The selling above their face value is not permitted.

- Have fun and good luck with your sale.