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The GTAMC is a family site. We ask that you enjoy yourself here and to please abide by the rules. Be respectful to one another. These are the general rules – there are more specific rules that we will enforce from time to time in addition to these listed here. 1. Be respectful. No flaming. No Personal attacks, this includes attacks against a single person, or groups of people, message boards, current or past GTAMC message board members. 2. Contribute constructively. 3. New threads, post it in the most appropriate forum, for example: Tech questions in the Tech forum General Mustang (auto) in the General Car Discussions Forum Non-Mustang (auto) related in the GTAMC Lounge All Buy/Sell posts in the appropriate buy/sell forum, no exceptions 4. Corrections to other’s information should not be condescending in nature. This is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. You are expected to remain civil. 5. Threads are expected to be kept on the original topic. If you want to discuss another subject, create a new thread in the proper forum. 6. Moderators and Administrators have the right to edit a post or thread anytime a rule has been broken or the situation deems necessary. Please do not be upset with moderators who are simply enforcing the rules. Don’t take it personally. 7. If you disagree with the actions of the GTAMC Staff, express your concerns privately. We are always willing to listen, however public bashing of the team will be deleted and possibly end in your banishment. 8. Remember that the opinions expressed within this forum are not necessarily those of GTAMC, its Board Members, Sponsors or its affiliates. 9. Non-Supporting vendors are not allowed to post anything about available products or services on the forums. The Buy/Sell/Trade forum is for automotive items only. Non-automotive posts will be deleted. 10. Business watermarks are not allowed in images. However, to protect your images you can use your name. 11. Because this is a family site, no “Girlie” pictures are to be posted – no discussions pertaining to models etc are allowed – if you wish to view pictures of “Babes”, there are millions of other websites to visit. These inappropriate images are also not allowed as an avatar. If your avatar is removed – don’t re-upload it. 12. No group purchase threads without GTAMC approval. GP threads without prior GTAMC approval will be deleted. 11. Street Racing is illegal, and discussions of such will not be tolerated. A brief definition of Street Racing is anything that would get a drag racing, speed contest or reckless operation ticket. This rule applies to "kill stories" as well. "Street Performance" related tech questions are fine, just not street racing. 12. Controversial topics, such as religion, abortion, retardation, racism, etc., will NOT be allowed. Although these topics usually start out civilly enough, experience has shown that these sort of topics invariably disintegrate into all out flame wars and heated arguments. 13. Useless posts will be edited or closed at the moderators discretion. Useless posts include but are not limited to: posts telling someone they have a PM, posts telling someone their mailbox is full, etc. 14. The GTAMC Executive/admin/mod are always open to receiving input from members on their insight / concerns / etc from members of our club. If you have an on forum problem with another member, please forward complete details to an admin/mod. These problems will be dealt with on an individual basis, as deemed necessary by the admin/mod. 15. Flaming the GTAMC Sponsors is STRICTLY Forbidden. We understand there may be disagreements or mis-communications from time to time. If this happens please work it out with the Sponsor. If you are unable to work it out with the Sponsor then bring this matter to the attention of the GTAMC Board and we will get involved and help you sort this out. If you flame a Sponsor on the Board, your membership will be terminated and you will be banned from the Board. There will be no exceptions to this guideline. Without our Sponsors, we can not properly facilitate the club duties. 16. No posting of videos or pictures or links to: 1) Porn 2) Street racing 3) People dying or being maimed 17. Blatant disregard for the rules will result in post locking, deletion or other serious consequences without warning. Serious or repeat offenders will be banned from the forum. As always, GTAMC staff reserves the right to delete, edit, or move any individual posts or threads for any reason. 18. Mod shopping, please pm one and only one mod regarding your thoughts or concerns. It would be normal for a reply to take between 24 - 48 hrs. Only if you've not received a reply after 48 hrs is it ok to then contact a second mod or admin, please include the name and date of who you first contacted. Thank you for your cooperation. GTAMC Executive