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Thread: How to post or resize pictures

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    How to post or resize pictures

    How to Re-Size your Av.

    How to Post Pictures

    Can't Upload pictures onto this website? I thought I'd start a thread for all the :newbie: and other folks who haven't discovered the "search" function yet.

    Try This:

    1-Create a photobucket account (
    2-Upload pic from My Pictures
    3-Under the pic, it will say IMG
    4-copy code for IMG for message boards
    6-paste in the thread you want

    OR: If your photo is on another website (ie. imageshack), you can

    3-right click to get properties
    4-copy the url
    5-Then in your thread type: [img] the properties address[/img]
    all with no spaces


    then I add [img] [/img] around it and you get

    thanks to biz for letting me pilfer this pic

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    Posting 2 cents

    I just ran across the "How to post pictures" sticky. Great info. I run across the same picture posting questions on many other forums, so I made up generic post that I reply with. I was going to add it as a reply to that thread, but it's been closed. For what it's worth, here's my 2 cents (sorry, some of it's pretty basic). Mods, do with it what you wish...

    Once you have set up your account and uploaded a picture to photobucket, click in the IMG code box under the picture and photobucket automatically copies the code to your clipboard. The auto-copy is one of their recent upgrades.

    Now go to your forum post. Right click and choose Paste or press Ctrl and V on your keyboard. That will paste the text from your computers clipboard into your post...

    It will look something like this, with square instead of curly brackets...


    And you should see your picture in your final post, like this...

    If your pictures are really big, you should either resize the picture to something more forum friendly before uploading to Photobucket or you can post a clickable thumbnail into your post instead. This keeps your picture from stretching the forum screen so others won't have to scroll side to side to either see the picture or read other posts. To resize pictures, I like to use the picture resizer tool from Windows powertools. It's really convenient because it lets you resize more than one picture at a time. 640 x 480 is just fine for a forum post. I think it begins to stretch the page if it gets wider that 700. If you want to show more detail, try posting a clickable thumbnail. It puts a small version of your picture in the post. Clicking the picture brings up your full size picture without distorting the original forum thread.

    To do that, go back to your Photobucket album. See the little box beside your picture? Click that box to select the picture (you can select more than one). Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Generate HTML and IMG codes" button. This opens a new window where the codes are already built for you...

    As before, now simply go back to your forum post, right click and select paste or press CTRL and V to paste the code into your post. It'll look something like this (with square instead of curly brackets)...


    ...and should look like this in your post. You should remind your readers to "Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image"...

    Here's a couple more hints and tricks...


    As I mentioned before, I like to use Image Resizer from Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP. It's really convenient and lets you resize more than one picture at a time. Once installed, you simply right click on a picture, select "resize picture", choose the new picture size (along with a couple other options), click OK and you're done...

    If you choose not to resize the originals, that is, make smaller copies, the new file's name will be the same as before, but with either (small), (medium), (large), etc, added.


    So how do you choose more than one file? You've got options based on how the files you want to work with are organized.

    If they're all together in a group, and there's no other files in the folder, you can hold down CTRL and A (selects all files), or click on the first file then press SHIFT and END, which selects everything from where you clicked to the end of the folder. Note that CTRL A also selects any subfolders.

    If they're all together in a group, but there's other files you don't want to touch, click on the first picture then, while holding down the SHIFT key, click on the last file in the group. This will select all the files between your 1st and 2nd click.

    If your files are spread out amongst others, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the files. Holding down the CTRL key allows you to select more than one file individually.

    Once you have them selected, right click while keeping the cursor on one of the selected files. Right clicking with the cursor off a selected picture brings up a different menu and may deselect the pictures.


    If you're like me, you like your pictures' filenames to be in English rather than digi cam giberrish so you know what you're looking at. Up until a while ago I changed the filenames manually, one by one, until I found a great file renaming tool called Batch Rename. There are others out there, but this was one of the first I found and worked fine for what I needed. I'm no expert yet, so I won't explain how to use it, but it sure beats doing it manually. It also allows you to choose a group of files to rename. Notice the "rename files" option in the left click menu in my resizing example picture above. Also note that the trial version, creates an odd file name every dozen files or so, so you still have to do some manual renaming. I suggest practicing with copies of the files in a new folder. I somehow managed to loose a bunch of pictures when I first started playing with it.

    How do you make those copies? Right click somewhere in the folder, other than on a file. Choose "New" and then "Folder". I hate how WinXP will just plop it into the middle of all your files so I right click again and choose "Arrange icons by" then "Name". This moves the new folder to the top of the list. Select your files as before. Right click and choose "copy" or CTRL C. Open the new folder. Right click and choose "paste" or CTRL V. Your copies should appear in the new folder.
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