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Classified Policies

Sales of or wanted to buy ads for any type of weapons are no longer permitted. This includes all guns (yes pellet or BB are included), bows or hunting style knives + any combat style weapons. There will be no exceptions.

#1 - The posting of ads in this forum is open to user group “New Member” and above. To see the listings of user groups – visit the Announcements forum and check out User Group Privileges.

#2 - Automotive parts only please in the automotive parts forum........see our general FOR SALE forum for all other goods.

#3 - You must own what you are selling. Do not post ads for friends or immediate family.

#4 - You must list a price. A price plus "OBO" is acceptable provided you sell the item to someone that offers the listed price, no bidding wars. Ads without a price will be deleted. We also ask that you include a reasonable description. UPDATE...........price must make sense, so pricing your item at a "million dollars" to skirt the rules will see it deleted without notice.

#5 - If your are looking to trade parts for parts or perhaps vehicle for vehicle, no price is required but you must clearly state "TRADE ONLY / NOT FOR SALE".

#6 - Correct selling etiquette would be reserving the product to the first person that posts in the thread and offers the minimum posted price.

#7 - No retail / home business sales (GTAMC staff's determination if you fit the description is final / not open for debate! Supporting Vendors pay to advertise here. If you fall into either of those categories and you are interested in selling parts / services here please contact us, options are available to you.

#8 - Links to eBay auctions are not permitted. Link to Kijiji or similar is fine but only if you've listed full details here as well.

#9 - No "Feeler" or “Gauging Interest” posts. Either you want to sell the item or you don’t. Items must be available now not coming off your car X number of days / months down the line.

#10 - Replies are turned ON. Please keep replies limited to direct questions about the item and no commentary about pricing or "I wish I could buy this" etc.

#11 - Refrain from posting a TTT or bump more than once per 24 hour period.

#12 - Indicate when items are sold by editing your thread and locking it. Details on how to do this are at the top of the buy and sell forums.

#13 - Your detailed location (EG. Kennedy and Sheppard, Not GTA) of where the item is MUST be listed in your ad or it will be deleted.

#14- If you have a number of items for sale, please group them into one or two larger ads. too many Multiple individual ads will be deleted

#15-Selling of event tickets, all ads must include a picture of the ticket (s) clearly showing their face value. The selling above their face value is not permitted.

- Have fun and good luck with your sale