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Thread: 1967 289 engine upgrades?

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    1967 289 engine upgrades?

    I have a classic 1967 Challenger 289 engine. It is the base engine, 200 hp. Using the 2 barrel carb.

    I am considering replacing all gaskets on the engine.

    The stock factory compression for this version is listed as 9.3 to 1.

    The next version of this Challenger 289 engine is listed as 225 hp using the 4 barrel carb. Compression is listed as 10 to 1.

    1) is it worth the effort to change the manifold and carb to 4 barrel, while doing all the gaskets? How much performance change will there be?

    2) Is it better to run this engine with a dual exhaust pipe system instead of the y pipe and single exhaust? Is there a performance increase?

    3) is the factory radiator sufficient to cool this engine? All on the rad is in good shape and the cooling system will be cleaned out with the rebuild.


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    Do you have a budget ? Those mods will make more power. But what are your intentions with the car ?

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