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Thread: Tire choice and size

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    Tire choice and size

    Just picked up some new wheels and trying to decide on rubber for the 95. 18x9 and 18x10.5.
    Thinking MT ET street S/S 305 35 18 rear and 245 40 18 street comp for the fronts. Tire size and choice, what do you think?

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    Mustangs need the widest front contact patch possible, especially to neutralize those big meats out back aka less understeer and plowing.
    Putting a tire on it's ideal width rim is the best idea, of course it must still fit the car. Overall diameters need to be within an inch front to rear, preferably 1/2" or less.
    Checking Tire Rack specs, it would appear a 265/35 (25.5" OAH) or 275/35 (25.6" OAH) are optimal fits on a 9.5; in the front bigger being better. Your car has big fender openings, but gotta watch the overall height so the tire doesn't chew your inner fender and the wire harness behind it on the drivers side.
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