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Thread: Vortech A trim vs S trim

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    It is a bit low for the combo right now to be honest. I am only running 87 octane and it is a extremely mild tune. I am going to switch it to 91 octane and do an aggressive tune so that will bump up the numbers to where it should be. I am just thinking of adding a blower to the car so I don't have to tune it twice and just get it all done at once.

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    I'd go bigger in-tank pump, a set of 60lb injectors and slap an S trim on there. Should get you in the area of your goals. Future mods to consider would be to start looking at fuel line sizing upgrades and start saving your pennies to get that T5 out of there when you start to push it harder with the extra power

    There are some smallish parts in the build now (no mention of what cam, but heads, headers and intake are likely holding back a bunch of naturally aspirated power on a 351 build) but boost should help overcome that.

    A turbo is nice, I built my own kit for mine. But for just a straight up street cruiser, slap on the S trim and enjoy. Want a boat load of power potential, then do the turbo. All depends on the budget as well, the basic S trim kit is a whole mess cheaper than a turbo kit. Not sure what Procharger has for bolt on kits these days, I don't follow too much S/C stuff anymore. Back in the day I had an S trim on my old '89 LX, quality piece and will make the power. Likely going to have to drop a pulley size to get the airflow to feed the cubes, but shoot for 10-12psi and don't look back.

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    Just buy the best and biggest charger you can and afford at first..
    If you don't will buy another one again..novi, or ysi.
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